Animaker opens women’s day video contest

By | July 26, 2022

Women’s Day is an opportunity to honor these extraordinary women who have influenced your life and tell them how much you respect, appreciate, and admire them. Take a moment and visualize the women in your life who are very important people in your life.

How to participate in the contest

  • You need to create a video with Animaker for the extraordinary women in your life and post the video to your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account so that you can already participate in the contest.
  • Follow Animaker’s social media and Tag Animaker in your posts from where you can get an idea of your rankings.
  • Add #ToMySuperWoman & #Animaker to your posts.
  • Based on the creativity and originality of the content accompanied by vivid photos will select the winner of the contest.

For the convenience of your exam, our creative experts have created a few easy-to-edit templates that you can customize and participate in the contest! Keep in mind that you can also create videos using Animaker. Thanks to Animaker, creating your videos becomes very easy, so don’t ignore it.

The basis for evaluating the test

You will be judged based on the creativity and originality of the videos you create using Animaker. There are other multiple criteria we might consider, like the overall message, the amount of effort put in and even the emotional touch in your videos.
Our judge for the event is Animaker’s very own Content Super Woman – Ranganayaki. She is the creative talent behind 1000s of Animaker templates which are used by Millions of users as well as large enterprises.

From this tutorial you can create videos for the women in your life and join the contest to show off that you have amazing women by your side.


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