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By | July 26, 2022

“Is our data safe?” is a question we are very concerned about in the current era of digital technology. Especially when we add our credit card details or use a third-party app.
If you have subscribed to Animaker and have any concerns about such issues, please read this article with me. It will show you why Animaker is a safe haven you can trust 100%! Let’s get started.

Reason for Animaker’s safety and security

1) “Can Animaker keep my data secure?”

The answer is yes. It will help you secure your data. Animaker uses SSL encryption to ensure a secure channel for users while using the application. This well-known security protocol ensures all sensitive information transmitted between the user and the web server (Animaker) remains unreadable to anyone else. This includes your personal details such as your email ID, Name, Address, and payment information such as your Credit Card number. Please rest assured when using.

2) Animaker is ISO/ IEC 27001 Certified
Animaker has earned its seal of approval in Data Security by ISO (International Standards Organization). SO 27001 framework is designed to ensure that an organization applies best practices on the three pillars of Cyber Security: People, Processes & Technology. It ensures Confidentiality & Integrity are strictly maintained by the organization.

3) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a well-defined set of data privacy rules established by the European Union. It shapes how user data is collected and processed. Animaker is fully compliant with GDPR and provides users the right to access and control the data they share.

4) Predictive Risk Assessment with Cyber GRX.

Cyber GRX is a comprehensive risk management platform that helps organizations identify third-party cyber risks. It locates the inconsistencies that pose a danger in real-time. With Cyber GRX, Animaker constantly monitors and removes potential risks that pose even the slightest harm. In a nutshell, Animaker always prefers being safe than sorry when it comes to data security.

Above are 4 typical reasons for the safety of using Animaker. Now download it and experience it together.


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