Daphne Dorman’s Family Speaks Out To Defend Dave Chappelle Regarding Daphne Dorman Chappelle’s Jokes Mentioned In ‘The Closer’

By | July 29, 2022

Daphne Dorman’s family is speaking out in defense of Dave Chappelle. The world famous comedian has been fielding backlash after a recent stand-up routine he filmed with the streaming service, “The Comedy Network”. Chappelle mentioned Dorman during his performance, and now her family is concerned that it may have a negative impact on her future dating prospects. Dorman’s uncle, Dr. Nathan Dorman, told Hollywood Unlocked that not only is he confident that this will not have any long term effects on the 26 year old, but she’s also thrilled to be one of the few people to have heard the performance. Furthermore, if anything good has come from this unfortunate situation, it’s that Chappelle agreed to film his performance specifically for Dorman so she could watch it at home when she was ready for it. Read more daphne dorman chappelle

Daphne Dorman’s Family Speaks Out To Defend Dave Chappelle Regarding Daphne Dorman Chappelle’s Jokes

Dr. Nathan Dorman, Daphne Dorman’s uncle, has encouraged those arguing about his niece’s role in Chappelle’s routine to consider the fact that Chappelle has often focused on pop culture when gathering his material. With that in mind, he’s confident that his niece will not be unpleasantly affected by the event. As he explained, “Daphne was the only one that got to hear his show. She was in the hospital, and he gave her a private show”. Daphne Dorman’s uncle also made it clear that Dorman is not at all upset about the whole ordeal. If anything, she is excited to have heard the performance in advance. Dr. Dorman believes that Dorman will not feel offended by the routine, but rather just excited that she got a chance to listen to the performance before anybody else on the planet.

Dave Chappelle Mentioned Daphne During A Comedy Show

Comedian Dave Chappelle has addressed the controversy around his jokes involving disability. The controversy stemmed from a routine he performed at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. During the set, Chappelle made a few jokes that mentioned disability and gender. One joke in particular referenced a murder investigation in Colorado. The investigation was focused on a disabled woman named Daphne who was thought to have been murdered. The jokes were met with a mixed reaction, with some audience members feeling that they were tasteless and insensitive. Chappelle addressed the jokes at a performance in Washington D.C., saying that he didn’t want to offend anyone, but he doesn’t care if he does. Daphne Dorman, the disabled woman referenced in the jokes, said that she wasn’t offended. She explained that she understood the jokes were based on her being a victim of a crime, and that she didn’t feel like a victim.

The Jokes Were Racist And Sexist – Especially Towards Women

While those who have defended Dorman have acknowledged the fact that the jokes were offensive, they’ve also offered a compelling argument against the criticism – namely that the jokes were racist and sexist. It’s possible that the jokes could have been both of these things. The jokes could have been offensive towards people with disabilities as well as women. If the jokes were racist, they could have been offensive toward disabled people of color. If the jokes were sexist, they could have been offensive toward disabled women. If there’s any silver lining to this unfortunate situation, it’s that it has created an opportunity for people to discuss how jokes can be offensive regardless of the target’s identity.

Is This Fair?

In a way, it feels unfair to criticize Chappelle for mentioning Dorman in his set. After all, Dorman was indeed a victim of a tragic crime at the hands of a serial killer. The jokes are also based on her being disabled, and she has stated that she isn’t offended by them and finds them humorous. Still, there is a difference between telling a joke based on a real person and the person being involved in the joke. Chappelle may have been given permission to use Dorman’s name, but that doesn’t change the fact that Dorman was involved in the joke and not just a name mentioned in passing. The fact that Dorman was an integral part of the joke leads us to believe that she may have felt pressured to let Chappelle use her name in the first place.


Ultimately, it’s important to remember that comedians don’t exist in a vacuum. It’s impossible to be completely detached from the people who are impacted by the jokes and the language used. While comedians need to be able to make jokes that may offend or upset others, they also need to be mindful of the potential impacts of their words. It’s understandable that the family of Daphne Dorman would defend her against this joke, and it’s also understandable that Dorman was comfortable enough with the routine to let others hear it. It’s also possible that Dorman didn’t even hear the jokes, as she was admitted to the hospital during the set.

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