The New Tomb Raider Game Will Be Released By Amazon 

By | December 20, 2022

Tomb Raider is a world-famous action-adventure game franchise that was published in 2001. Ever since, it gained global success more than a game franchise but also movies, TV series and merch. The upcoming Tomb Raider game will be published by the e-commerce giant Amazon in the near future. 

Tomb Raider

Source: Amazon

Amazon Games will be in charge of publishing the next mainline Tomb Raider game. The news has been confirmed on Thursday, December 15, 2022. The developer of the game, Crystal Dynamics, is currently building the game on Unreal Engine 5. Also, it will be also published on different platforms: consoles, PC and probably mobile. 

Amazon has stepped in the gaming market since 2012. The founding of Amazon Games was one of the first baby steps to help the company dominate this field. However, there was no major game title released by Amazon. Tomb Raider will be the very first major gaming IP that the American company is going to publish. With a history of more than a decade, the release of Tomb Raider will mark a milestone in the development of Amazon Games. It is also planning to expand its scale with several major titles and franchises in the future.  

Source: Amazon

Amazon also shows their ambition to expand the business to the film industry with Amazon Studios, on the heels of its launching its own streaming platform Amazon’s Prime Video. Apart from airing movies and TV series produced from other studios, Amazon is now producing its own movies and TV shows. Some notable titles might include Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, My Policeman, Uncle Frank, The Only Living Boy In New York, Beautiful Boy, The Tomorrow War and so many more. 

Source: Amazon

The studio behind the Tomb Raider franchise, Crystal Dynamics, was sold to Embracer Group by its former parent company, Square Enix. This is an attempt to increase financial bandwidth to invest more in blockchain, AI and cloud gaming that this company is planning to. Therefore, this cooperation is a new step for both Amazon and Crystal Dynamics. Crystal Dynamics is now backed up by an enormous tech giant meanwhile Amazon has the opportunity to release a decent game title. 

The game has sold over 95 million copies worldwide and gained recognition on a global scale, especially after the success of its movie adaptation starring Angelina Jolie in 2001. Its cultural impact has been noted around the world with many many loyal fans of the franchise. After 2 decades, the game is still anticipated with each update and new release. 

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