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Apple is developing MacBooks’ touchscreens 

If there is something that Apple has tried to avoid in its whole history is to bring touchscreens to its laptop series, MacBooks. The MacBook is one of the most popular laptop series for obvious reasons: its display, software, hardware and UI. Reportedly, the tech giant is working on a touchscreen for its laptop system.… Read More »

Google Chrome Beta Update Has Just Arrived 

The search giant has just rolled out the latest Google Chrome Beta update for all OS including Android, Windows, ChromeOS, ChromeOS Flex, Linux, iOS and macOS. The Google Chrome 110 Beta update offers several new features alongside improvements and fixes. If you are wondering what those are and whether you should download this latest update,… Read More »

Spider-Man 2 Is Coming To PS5 Next Year

The sequel of Spider-Man by developer Insomniac Games is planned to be available on new platforms including PS5. This time, the new Marvel game is going to feature an alien symbiote nemesis. For more information, read more about it in this post.  Source: Marvel On Thursday, Sony stated that the upcoming game in this PlayStation-exclusive… Read More »

The New Tomb Raider Game Will Be Released By Amazon 

Tomb Raider is a world-famous action-adventure game franchise that was published in 2001. Ever since, it gained global success more than a game franchise but also movies, TV series and merch. The upcoming Tomb Raider game will be published by the e-commerce giant Amazon in the near future.  Source: Amazon Amazon Games will be in… Read More »

Twitter staff who got fired might be hired again 

After the multibillionaire Elon Musk successfully purchased the Bird App, there have been a lot of things happening to its users and also, its employees. Apparently, these things have been a rollercoaster for everyone with a severe drop in its staff number. Well, it is due to Musk’s arrangement of his new business. However, he… Read More »

5 best smartwatches to buy in 2022 according to buyers

Smartwatches are getting more and more popular in these recent years with great and useful features. Moreover, they are considered to be fashionable which could be an essential accessory and a beautiful addition to your outfit. There are several options for you to choose including the well-known Apple Watch, Samsung series or Pixel Watch. In… Read More »