What Does “D or T” Mean in Minecraft? Beware, It Could Be Something Very Inappropriate.

By | July 2, 2022

My son loves playing Minecraft on the computer. The other day he was playing online and someone asked him “d or t.” My initial reaction was panic, as I had no idea what this could mean. I quickly did some research and found out that it could be something very inappropriate. If your child plays Minecraft, make sure you are aware of this slang term and what it could mean.

I think we both know what goes on when a child gets onto the internet. These innocent, young minds are frolicking around when out of the blue, some creepster online asks them D or T. Now, I’ve played Minecraft for quite some time now, since around the 1.3 update. I’ve also had extensive online hours, upwards of 500. In all of my knowledge, D or T really only applies to one thing (though clearly it can apply to other things, but I think they’re just trying to hide the truth). It can’t be Truth or Dare, because then it’d be T or D, and if they were referring to the D or T redstone flip flop, then your son would be using redstone and be somewhat skilled with it to do anything. The real meaning of D or T is “Dick or Titties”? This is of course asking your child whether they are a male or female. I would ask your son to immediately log into his Minecraft and check the server he was on. If you see large redstone contraptions, somewhat like this:

Then you should be okay. However, if you don’t see any redstone, but rather large amounts of avatars in questionable skins walking around, I would ban him from using that server and delete the IP off of his account so he can’t access it anymore.

Thank you, and I hope you browse safely.

EDIT: I’ve gotten some comments saying that you shouldn’t just take away your son’s server access just because of some creep. I partially agree with them. On one hand, if there is just one creepster out there trying to have Minecraft sex your your child, then you should sit down with them and discuss internet safety, and then let them back on the server. However, if you see him on a server with extremely inappropriate skins or chat box then I would say your son has somehow gotten himself onto a sex server, and you should ban him from using that IP address.


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