Apple is developing MacBooks’ touchscreens 

By | January 20, 2023

If there is something that Apple has tried to avoid in its whole history is to bring touchscreens to its laptop series, MacBooks. The MacBook is one of the most popular laptop series for obvious reasons: its display, software, hardware and UI. Reportedly, the tech giant is working on a touchscreen for its laptop system. To find out more about this exciting news, keep scrolling the following post here.  

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The touchscreens for MacBook laptops might roll out in 2025 with a new MacBook lineup. Another change might also take place is that Apple is switching from LCD to OLED displays for the 14-inch and 16-inch Pro models. Currently, all models are equipped with LCD displays which have high resolution, good brightness and contrast. Recently, Apple has been making an effort to rely less on suppliers. Just a few days ago, Apple was reported to aim to make its own screens for Apple Watch and iPhone.   

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The head of Apple has been keeping MacBooks away from touchscreens. Instead, the company has successfully developed the iPad series. It has become the most popular tablet in the world. The TouchBar on MacBook Pros is the closest thing to a touchscreen that Apple has ever introduced with the users. However, it is not very functional and has been phased out in recent models. Unlike Apple, its rivals including Microsoft, Samsung and Asus all have several series of touchscreen laptops. Even the founder Steve Jobs stated his hatred towards touchscreens on laptops in the past. In order to make the iPad more similar to a laptop, Apple has introduced special iPad keyboards and Apple Pencil so that users might experience better, especially while working or studying. 

Previously, there have also been rumors about Apple making its own Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips in an attempt to be less reliant on other suppliers such as Qualcomm. This is an effort to cut down on production fee on the heels of the drop with its business in the past year. Apple’s market value has dropped drastically compared to last year. Moreover, the latest iPhone 14 series is not as well-received as expected. Therefore, these changes are significant and essential. 

Source: Apple

If this news turns out to be true, Apple might be in a new partnership with Samsung, a well-known manufacturer for OLED screens. Currently, Samsung is providing over 70% of the OLED screens for the iPhone 14 models. The new MacBooks with OLED screens will roll out in late 2024 or early 2025. 


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