The SMG you need at close range in the finest MAC-10 loadouts for war zones

By | September 16, 2022

Three of the most effective Warzone MAC-10 loadouts for the game’s top SMG
The top MAC-10 Warzone loadouts convert the little SMG into a shredding apparatus. It has been around for a while, but it’s still highly popular thanks to Call of Duty Warzone’s incredible fire rate and ability to barrage opponents with bullets. Players may significantly increase the MAC-10 Warzone’s versatility without reducing its offensive power and even somewhat regulate its high recoil by choosing the correct loadout.

Despite this, the greatest MAC-10 Warzone loadouts excel in close-quarters combat, where they may vaporize adjacent adversaries in a cloud of viscera by utilizing the gun’s quickness and hipfire power. And even if you can extend the gun’s range a little, keeping the MAC-10 close to your body will always yield the greatest results. The greatest Warzone MAC-10 loadouts we’ve found are listed below if you’re looking to travel to Verdansk with a deadly submachine gun. Read more  mac 10 loadout

Best Mac 10 loadout for war zones: medium range

Agency Suppressor: Muzzle

6.1″ Reinforced Heavy Barrel

Microflex LED, optics

Foregrip: Field Agent Underbarrel

Salvo 53 Rnd Fast Mag, ammunition

Before we discuss a loadout you can use at medium range, it should be noted that the Mac 10 is obviously best used up close. The Agency Suppressor, which provides you better control over vertical recoil and prevents you from using the minimap, is strongly recommended because the vertical recoil of the Mac 10 is its biggest drawback. Choose the 6.1″ Reinforced Heavy Barrel to increase your damage range and bullet velocity since you’ll be employing this build in medium range encounters. By doing this, you can make sure that even long-range shots are successful.

It works amazing to use something like the Microflex LED

Then, since you’ll be utilizing the weapon from a reasonable distance, we advise employing some sort of ocular. It works amazing to use something like the Microflex LED. Iron sights are perfectly workable up close, but as your target gets farther out, it becomes more difficult to line up your shot, necessitating the use of an optic. Use the Field Agent Foregrip to enhance the weapon’s control over its vertical and horizontal recoil. This will be beneficial for executing those medium-range kills. The Salvo 53 Rnd Fast Mag will let you have as many rounds as possible while also enhancing your reload speed because the Mac 10’s other flaw is that it consumes ammunition quickly.

Even with range-extending attachments, this weapon isn’t truly capable of long-range killing. In light of this, bring a long-range weapon that can be used, such as a sniper rifle or an assault rifle of some sort. read more  mac 10 loadout

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