Apple launches a new kit to help you repair your Macbook at home

By | August 29, 2022

With the aid of repair kits for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, users can replace several components, including the screen, outer cover, battery, and table. hover ,…

The business claimed that the service is a part of Apple’s commitment to increase consumers’ access to do-it-yourself repair, although it still essentially advises users to employ expert repair services. Karma.

A comparable service for iPhones was introduced by the US tech company in April, and it has ambitions to roll out the program to additional nations, starting with the European continent.

It is believed that Apple’s introduction of this service is a reaction to any potential future repair rights legislation in the US. Public corporations are now required to provide customers the option to self-fix their own products after New York became the first US state to approve a mobile repair rights law in June. turmeric.

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