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Google Chrome Beta Update Has Just Arrived 

The search giant has just rolled out the latest Google Chrome Beta update for all OS including Android, Windows, ChromeOS, ChromeOS Flex, Linux, iOS and macOS. The Google Chrome 110 Beta update offers several new features alongside improvements and fixes. If you are wondering what those are and whether you should download this latest update, find out more in the following post right here.  

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A remarkable feature added to this browser is the new settings options on Google Translate for Chrome. Moreover, the launch of this browser on desktops is also improved. This is great news since there have been several complaints of its slow behavior while being turned on desktops, especially old devices. Users might also implement CSS code. This feature will let you see  initial letters in large fonts. Therefore, it will be much easier for developers to utilize styling control elements in picture-picture videos and other media elements. Google also introduces a new Web Audio API that will allow users to choose their preferred audio output device. 

Source: Google

The new Google Chrome 110 beta is now available to download from Google’s official website and Google Play Store. Google Chrome launched in 2008 and has become the most used browser in the whole world. One of its great advantages is that Google Chrome is available for every device and operating system, even Android-based or Apple-based or a third company’s. It is well-recognized and well-received for friendly UI, its ability to synchronize through different devices. Basically, you can browse on your mobile phone and open your laptop to continue. It is perfect for students and officers to study and work. More than that, Google Chrome is also great for entertainment because you can download several different extensions from the Chrome Web Store which are exciting and helpful. 

Source: Google

The biggest backlash of this browser is that it takes up too much of your RAM memory. Reportedly, users are still complaining that it makes their device extremely hot after a long while of surfing. Compared to other browsers, the browser from Google is known for being a lot heavier. Hopefully, in the near future, there will be more and more improvements so that it might work well for every device and OS. In 2022, Google Chrome takes up more than 60% of market share globally in terms of the most frequently used browsers. It is a remarkable result. 


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