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Your zombie villager’s treatment

Create Splash Potion of Weakness in step one.
The Splash potion of weakness can be utilized to lessen the zombie-like effect afflicting our villagers because it briefly weakens mobs when dropped around them. However, you’ll need the following in order to make one.

rotten spider’s eye

Burning Powder

water container

Standing Brewing


Once you have these, you can create a potion of weakness using the brewing stand as demonstrated. Then, using gunpowder, repeat the process to turn them into splash potions of weakness. read more how to cure a zombie villager

Making a Golden Apple in Step 2

In the game’s setting, loot chests hidden inside various buildings contain golden apples. If you haven’t yet located one, you can make one by setting an apple on the crafting table as illustrated, surrounded by gold ingots.

Curing the zombie villager is step three.

You can begin treating your zombie villager now that you have a golden apple and splash potions of weakness. To put the weakening effect on him or it, locate the location where you had hidden it and then throw the splash potion there.

You must hold the golden apple and right-click while facing the zombie villager once you have been weakened. Your patient should now be generating particles around it to demonstrate that the treatment is effective after this has started the procedure.

You just need to wait for it to recover for three to five minutes. The “Zombie Doctor” award, which denotes that the villager has successfully been entirely transformed back into a villager, becomes available if you’re playing for the first time.

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