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Are There Other Justifications for Snapchat’s Persistence?

Changing your Snapchat privacy settings can stop messages from being sent, but it isn’t the only situation in which messages or Snaps might be marked as pending. Pending condition could arise for no other reason than that the service is down, as that does appear to happen occasionally. Alternatively, this might occur if a user’s internet signal is poor, but it will quickly go away as connection speeds are reliable once more. read more  what does pending mean on snapchat

Snapchat on the device

The pending status could potentially be caused by an app bug, which could be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling Snapchat on the device or by checking out and back in to their accounts, although this should only be presumed if all other circumstances are normal. Users can also attempt clearing the cache by tapping on the gear icon, going to the Account Actions menu, and selecting the “Clear Cache” option in the event that data clog is causing some form of graphical issue in the message status. Naturally, there isn’t much that users can do if they’re texting someone who has put them to their block list, as doing so prohibits users from adding them at all, leaving any message sent to.

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