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We can uninstall 30 Apple apps thanks to iOS 16

In addition to the recent iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 upgrades announced by Apple at its most recent WWDC 2022 event, customers can now remove more pre-installed apps from their iPhones and iPads. iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 users can uninstall three new apps, including Clock, My Search, and Fitness, according to an iDownloadBlog post.

For previous versions of iOS and iPadOS, users were able to uninstall pre-installed apps from Apple, but that doesn’t include the three apps mentioned above. In beta 1 of iOS 16, Apple added these 3 apps to the list of apps that can be uninstalled completely from the device.

Back in 2016, iOS 10 was introduced by Apple as the first version that allows users to uninstall pre-installed apps, totaling 24 apps and adding many new apps to the list above. iOS versions 11, 12 and 13… bring the total number to 30 in the current iOS version.


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List of apps that iPhone and iPad users can uninstall:

  1.  Find My
  2.  Fitness
  3.  Home
  4.  iTunes Store
  5.  Mail
  6.  Maps
  7. Measure
  8.  Music
  9.  News
  10.  Notes
  11.  Podcasts
  12.  Reminders
  13.  Shortcuts
  14.  Stocks
  15.  Tips
  16. Activity
  17.  Apple Books
  18.  Calculator
  19.  Calendar
  20.  Clock
  21.  Compass
  22.  Contacts
  23.  FaceTime
  24.  Files
  25. Translate
  26.  TV
  27.  Videos
  28. Voice Memos
  29.  Watch
  30.  Weather

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